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  • An online school that works for ALL students!

  • Providing, hands-down, the best student support approach in South Africa since 2015 to enable your child to achieve success as an online student.

  • Learning programs designed to drive higher levels of engagement leading to deeper learning!

  • Simplified, user-friendly online platform and a structured school day that removes the logistical complexity leaving your child free to focus on what really matters, LEARNING & GROWING!

  • Our online school, unlike others, develops real-world 21st century skills required by employers all around the globe!

  • Feel connected and alive, collaborating and learning from and with others.

  • 100% pass rate of online students since 2015.

  • Flexible on and off-campus attendance.

  • Affordable fee structure.

  • For a personalised experience - your own ambassador Liaison dude.

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  • Since 2015, students have been achieving success through the BenHale online school. BenHale offers the most supportive and structured online school option available in South Africa and beyond. Our Online School works extremely well for students because it is a natural extension of BenHale Academy which means that our students whether online or offline are all a part of the BenHale community in every sense. Our flexible offering allows students to be both online but also to be on campus on those days when it is necessary or for social interaction - you decide. Our online school is suited to children in Grades 4 to 12. Our parents are delighted with our supportive and responsive service and our students appreciate our user-friendly, always-available online environment which creates consistency in navigating the online portal where students don't have to struggle with the IT side of things, instead, they can free up their time to focus on learning.  

  • Parents will make the right choice when they choose BenHale Online School for access to a high-quality education from the comfort of their own home. Our teacher-supported live online campus classes and the effective methods of developing our learning content provides students with a world-class learning experience that helps each child develop to their full potential, preparing them for University and life beyond. Students in grade 12 can write their final examinations for the National Senior Certificate. 

  • On the softer side of things, you should know - we love children! We love connecting with and supporting every child through easy and hard times. We value transparency and responsibility. Our parents and students feel safe with us. Investing in your child's daily progress is a hallmark of BenHale. We are nurturing and caring, balanced with discipline leading to a growth mindset which means we believe in stretching every child's potential in every area of schooling and holistic development. In addition to academics, BenHale students are exposed to opportunities to develop their skills in Entrepreneurship, The Arts and Information Technology. We place our highest priority on the individual child and the development of key 21st-century skills.  In pursuit of a high-quality education steeped in the richness of human interaction and collaboration is a parallel pursuit of all things human. BenHale understands a single truth - not one child is the same and all children can learn when they are emotionally whole, understood and celebrated for who they are. We do this very well!

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