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What is Online Learning?

BenHale.Online brings a fully digitized rich curriculum to students that features interactive software, live class sessions and collaborative learning. Online learning enables a student to complete school from the comfort of their own home in an environment that demands high standards and accountability. Teachers have more flexibility to maximize a student's potential because in traditional schools many children do not have individually focused learning. When you choose online learning for your child you understand the great potential of individualized learning. 


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  • International Families working abroad who want their children to continue their schooling in South Africa

  • International students who do not have an English-medium school in their region 

  • Students looking to supplement their learning in specific subjects 

  • Students whose needs are not being addressed in their current school

  • Distance learning and home school students who seek more structure and connection to a diverse student community

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Important to remember...


Academic success is preceded by a comprehensive onboarding program that empowers your child to be a successful online student. Upon completion of the admission process, your child's online account will be created which gives the required access to all learning resources, live class schedules and high-quality instructional designed content for each grade. Our digital content is best-in-class, designed to ensure active participation and maximized learning, embracing all learning styles. 


Our online students are exposed to opportunities designed to enable them to be independent powerhouses as well as effective collaborators by engaging in project orientated work assignments and opportunities to develop critical and creative thought processes. 

BenHale Online students have an added advantage of having access to a life-changing entrepreneurship program. Students on this program develop entrepreneurial thinking skills at levels above their age capability, a much needed skill for future success.

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